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The Story behind FG's Eco Friendly Bags

By: Treesha Datta 22 Apr, 2018


In today’s day and age when one of the prime issues in the world is environmental change, it is important that businesses and individuals adopt a more eco-friendly approach in their day-to-day affairs. One of the steps that we have taken in that direction is the use of eco-friendly bags.

Every time you buy Farida Gupta products, you get them in a cloth bag. We do this so that we can limit the use of other non-biodegradable materials like plastic. And so that we can also minimise the wastage of resources.

Here’s the way these bags are made. Every time a batch of clothes is completed at our unit, we do not throw away the waste and add to the garbage. Imagine how much waste would that be to dispose of every week! Instead, we even buy as much left-over raw material as we need, from smaller artisans, and then use that to create the bags.

Doing so has three main benefits. One, we cut down on the amount of waste we contribute on a daily basis. Two, when we buy supplies from smaller artisans it helps them minimise their losses by selling us the cloth they no longer require and also get rid of the waste. Three, when you buy products from us you get to take them back home in a kitschy cloth bag, created by employing eco-friendly processes. You can even reuse these bags to carry stuff around. Maybe make it your daily grocery shopping bag!

Faridagupta Bags

Do let us know what you think of our bags. And if you are a regular FG shopper, from the Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida region especially, who has a lot of extra bags lying around in good condition, you can even bring them to us at our next exhibition this coming weekend. Because recycling is a good thing. :)

We are exhibiting at Aga Khan Hall, 6 Bhagwan Das road, near Mandi House from 27th April - 29th April. This is going to be one of our biggest exhibitions till date. See you there!

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