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Isfahan - Farida Gupta Summer 2018 Collection.

By: Treesha Datta 13 Apr, 2018


Continuing our ode to the enchanting beauty of Persian gardens, we bring you an extension of our latest collection Pardeiza, with Isfahan. This capsule collection is an homage to its namesake city, which used to be the capital of Persia from late 16th century to early 18th century, and has been considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. In fact, the city is so beautiful, that Persians call it 'nesf-e-jahan' which translates to 'half of the world'. 

The collection Isfahan, specifically draws inspiration from the wonderful architecture of the city, and the magnificent public square - Naqsh-e-Jahan - that also houses the beautiful blue mosque. 



The premises of Naqsh-e-Jahan is huge, and like a Pardeiza it is hemmed on four sides by breathtaking architecture, and within its boundaries lie beautifully constructed gardens complete with fountains. Bazaars full of craft and other small shops occupied (and still occupy) the arched arcade. It was built between 1598 and 1629, during the Safavid era. The city used to be an important stop in the Silk Route and a melting pot for traders across continents, so back in the day the square used to be occupied a lot by tents of traders. Now it's a pedestrian only zone, where one can enjoy the lush gardens and water bodies. The most prominent parts of Naqsh-e- Jahan however are the blue minarets and the mosque. The Shah Mosque - also known as the blue mosque - being the main structure out of the four, that live on the boundary walls of this (160mtr X 560mtr) square, has unbelievably intricate, hand-tiled art work all over.


During sunset, when the sky turns magenta and the blue minarets are washed in its hues, it is a sight one will not forget easily. So keeping this and summers in mind, the dominant colours in this collection are lighter shades of blue, lavender and pink. The blue being symbolic of the blue minarets and mosques, lavender of the beautiful fragrant summer flower in the Persian gardens and the pink representing the magical sky of Isfahan at dusk, along with other rosy-hued flowers of the garden.

Farida Gupta Summer Collection.


This collection comprises of Kurtas, Tops, Palazzos, Farsis Pants, Dupattas and long Dresses. Keeping in line with our tradition of comfortable cuts, you with find classic straight and A-line silhouettes in our kurtas. Block prints, embroidery, big butas and box pleats all make an appearance in the collection as well. The material used to create this collection is a fine quality 'Mul', which has been specially processed to make it lightweight and soft, making it perfect for you in summers. 


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