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Nur Mahal- A contemporary rendition of timeless styles

By: Shiv Pasricha 09 Sep, 2019

A labour of love, our new collection- ‘Nur Mahal’, is one with sentimental value. Reminiscent of our beautiful journey so far, it brings our expert craftmanship to the fore. Showcasing fine attention to detail and thoughtful conceptualization, this collection is a testament to the hand-embroidery prowess of our skillful team of artisans.

Nur Mahal


Bringing a resurgence of the art of Ajrak printing, each outfit from our new collection has a story to tell. Originally coined in Arabic language, the term Ajrak owes its existence to the word ‘Ajrukh’, meaning ‘deep blue’. Originating in the areas of Kutch in the early part of the 16th century, this printing technique is revered by the Sindhi Community. An insightful representation of the vast universe in all its glory, Ajrak prints make use of geometric patterns against deep, earthy tones.

Styles handcrafted in luxurious Satin Modal fabric, this collection shows its royal lineage. Soft and smooth, our satin modal is a breathable, light and lustrous fabric. Known for its soothing texture, it is also resistant to shrinkage and less likely to fade or pill.

FG Nur Mahal Collection

Exuding a celebratory vibe, a careful combination of artful Gota work, zari work and badla work lends this collection a truly festive charm:

Gota Work
Predominantly thriving in Rajasthan, Gota work makes use of gold and silver ribbon and lace. Gota work is practiced by implementing an appliqué technique with a strip of gold or silver or various other coloured ribbons of different widths woven in a satin or twill weave. A tedious and time-consuming process, gota work is a difficult skill to master. Often creating a heavy appearance, it is actually quite light.

Zari Work
Zari work is a practice of weaving fine gold or silver threads, especially seen in traditional Indian outfits. Creating intricate patterns and ingenious designs, this art form in India dates back to the time of the Mughal Era. Often associated with attire of the royalty, it exudes a regal charm.

Badla Work
The diversity on offer in our country is evident from the different weaving techniques we’ve inherited from our forefathers. The variety of Indian embroidery is second to none. Styling and shaping metallic thread into small specks or dots constitute the technique of Badla work.

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