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PARDEIZA - Our Spring/Summer 2018 Collection

By: Treesha Datta 12 Mar, 2018


The onset of spring brings the birds and the bees, the fragrance of flowers marks the air - announcing the arrival of a new season, and colourful blossoms everywhere make for the most soothing sights. There are only a handful of things more joyful than taking a walk in beautiful gardens in the spring, when nature is at its full bloom. 


Back in the day, it was the Persians who paved the way for what one might call landscape gardening. In fact the oldest garden in the world was built by Cyrus the Great - founder of the first Persian Empire. Every Persian city was replete with rich gardens, which were like oases in the harsh terrain. These gardens were laid out geometrically, mostly in enclosed areas or Pardeizas. 



The Persians perhaps wanted to create heaven on earth. Even the English word 'paradise' is derived from this old Persian word 'Pardeiza' and it is here that our latest collection derives its inspiration and name.


While the overarching inspiration for our brand has always been Mughal architecture and gardens, our latest collection - Pardeiza - is an ode to the mesmerising beauty of the Persian gardens. After all, even the Mughal gardens were hugely influenced in style by their Persian counterparts. 


Brighter hues like pinks, greens, yellows, lavender, purple and blues dominate the collection, complementing the floral prints perfectly. The flowers of course, being symbolic of the gardens. The fabric used is the softest ‘Mul’ that has been further processed to make it even softer and lightweight, which is perfect for the scorching Indian summers. 


Farida Gupta summer collection


Pardeiza comprises of Kurtas, Farsis, Palazzos, Kaftans, Tops, Dresses and Night suits. And keeping true to the flavour of our brand, the cuts that we have used are mostly straight cuts, A-line and Angrakhas, giving enough room to comfort. 


With this collection there are quite a few 'firsts' as well. Like, for those of you with a flair for western outfits there is a range both short and long dresses, which we have introduced for the very first time! There is also a new line of Nightsuits that'll make sleep time more cozy and stylish. And lastly, apart from our printed assortment we have also introduced a new range of solid coloured kurtas. These come in pastel shades for an understated elegance and are made of a cotton textured fabric which is a blend of viscose and cotton, and is very lightweight and soft. 


The collection launches very soon. You will fall in love, all over again! 


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