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Say Hello To FG Sarees

By: Needhi Dhoker 16 Nov, 2018


The six-yard favourite, also known as ‘Saree’ in India, is one of the most prized possessions in a woman's closet. Interpreted by various cultures, ranging from the vibrant Gujarati pallu to the delectable Bengali drape, sarees add to the visual quotient of festivals and occasions with their sheer elegance. This classic staple is a treasure trove of delights, with a number of versatile options at one's disposal. Since the festive season is upon us, we are more than excited to launch our Gulbahar Sarees.


block printed sarees

Inspired by the pretty spring flowers, our Gulbahar collection is crafted with Maheshwari fabric - a perfect blend of mercerised cotton and silk. With soothing pastel hues, our selection will definitely pave its way into your wardrobe and heart! From festive gatherings to formal evenings, get ready to exhibit an array of intricate Mughal and floral prints handcrafted in subtle hues.

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