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The Story Behind Our Naqsh Collection

By: Shiv Pasricha 05 Nov, 2018
Owing its existence to the zealous Sindhi culture, the age-old art of traditional ‘Ajrak block- printing has stood the test of time. To this day, the sanctity of this textile practice is observed by the Sindhi Community to the point of reverence. In many parts of Sindh, it is still considered a sacred form of art.
While the art form dates back to the early 16th Century in the areas of Kutch, the coinage of the term Ajrak reveals an Arabic connection, derived from the word ‘Ajrukh’, meaning ‘deep blue’. Rumour has it that this term was initially used to refer to the Universe. Drawing a majority of its inspiration from the mystic beauty and dazzle of the universe, the geometrical patterns used in Ajrak Printing is said to be a representation of the starry night sky. 
Our never-ending love affair with the Ajrak printing technique finds its way into our new collection.  After laborious hours of meticulously designing prints and getting the fabric just right, we have carefully curated our new collection- ‘Naqsh’.
‘Naqsh’ is an Urdu word with meanings more than one.  Of its multiple meanings, one denotes ‘beautiful’, while another translates to ‘talisman’. A ‘talisman’ or a good luck charm, is an object that is said to have received magical powers under superstitious observances, to be able to produce extraordinary effects. A befitting name for our upcoming collection, ‘Naqsh’ truly captures its essence. 
Beauty unparalleled, our ‘Naqsh’ collection offers contemporary designs in comfortable silhouettes while maintaining the sanctity of the age-old Ajrak block-print techniques. A harmonious alliance of comfort and style, the ‘Naqsh’ collection essentially brings together two different ends of the fashion spectrum. Adding a touch of contemporary style to an age-old tradition, our new collection exhibits a vibrant and punchy colour palette. Hues of gold and red have been skillfully used to complement the typical indigo shade, effectively giving a new twist to the timeless Ajrak prints.
FG Naqsh Collection
The modal fabric used in the ‘Naqsh’ collection is a type of Rayon. Smooth and soft, our modal fabric breathes extremely well. Supremely luxurious, it’s cool to the touch, absorbent in nature and similar in texture to Silk and Cotton. It is resistant to shrinkage and less likely to fade or pill. The fabric feels soft against the skin, with a subtle hint of sheen to it.
Showcasing delicate embroidered thread work, complemented with gold sequins and mirror work, the attention to detail in each outfit is almost tactile. The ‘Naqsh’ collection is bound to leave you in awe.
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